When you purchase a vehicle you are required to title your vehicle within 10 days of purchase or a $25.00 will be incurred. You must show the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO) displaying the sales tax-satisfied stamp. You need to pay sales tax on the actual vehicle price. Certain vehicles are exempt from sales tax if over 26,000 lbs. If the vehicle is financed, you must provide the address and corpcode of the lien holder. In order for your company to title the vehicle you will need to provide your 15 digit corpcode number. If you do not have one you will need to apply for it by providing Motor Vehicles with 10 different forms which are required in order to process the request. This time frame generally takes approximately 3 business days. The titling of the vehicle needs to be done initially before the vehicle can be registered with any type of licenses plates for operating. EL Transportation can take care of all this legwork for you and eliminate the stress and time loss of the dreaded Motor Vehicles Agency.


Unlike New Jersey all units will be charged sales tax based on your county rate except tractor trailers and semi trailers. We will process your NY title within 3 business days